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Roger Charlton  Dual Derby Winning Racehorse Trainer

"I have called in the HTJ Centre on several occasions now, both for general health checks and individual problems and have been pleased with both their diagnoses and treatments, so am happy to recommend their services."


Jane Starkey Owner Breeder & former International 3DE Rider

"I have various horses at home from eventers, which have included star performer In the Purple, to racehorses, hunters, mares and foals.The HTJ Centre came to check them over when I was particularly concerned about the condition of a mare soon to foal, which was found to have a severe calcium deficiency. An intensive course of Calciboost and Multiboost had such a great effect that she thrived and produced a good strong foal.

I decided to give all my horses these supplements and I was particularly pleased with In the Purple who performed consistently well throughout the season and became British Open Champion."


Di Arbuthnot Chief Executive of the ROR (Retraining of Racehorses) Charity

" I cannot believe the improvement in our ex racehorse Border Alliance in such a short space of time. I feared he was a lost cause but The HTJ Centre must be congratulated for their diagnosis and treatment with their supplements Multiboost and Calciboost, which have brought about such an amazing recovery. I can wholeheartedly recommend their services and products."


Roy Brotherton Racehorse Trainer

" I'm amazed at the dramatic change in Cape of Storms since the HTJ Centre found the cause of his chronic coughing and treated it...Treatment was simple too, his own specific allergy neutralizing drops...He hasn't coughed at all since...He's a completely different horse to ride now too.He used to buzz up the gallops pulling very hard, now he relaxes and settles."


Rachel Bayliss Trainer & former International 3 Day Event Rider

" Pipkin, my novice event horse, had hardly competed at all in the last two seasons because of a bad head shaking problem, until I took him to the HTJ Centre last May, where he was found to have severe intolerances to a number of moulds and was given his own tailor made desensitising drops.

He hasn't missed an outing since and  completed a full season. I can only say that the turnaround has been incredible."


Janette Baker with head shaking horse (Facebook)

" Thank you sooo much! The boy is absolutely amazing. Thank you sooo much for making his summer normal!!"


Sophie Dickinson Dressage Trainer, Rider and Judge

" Biff would not have been here today, if it was not for the amazing work of the HTJ Centre. His recovery was truly remarkable."

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'Jenny Cassan and No Wise Cracks give a masterclass in riding the Derby Bank

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