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Services and Products

Testing                                         We test horses for allergies and nutritional deficiencies using a simple non-invasive method, which enables us to determine and quantify accurately each horse's requirements.

Individual horses can be tested for  a huge range of allergies and for vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Whole yards can be screened for vitamin and mineral deficiencies by testing a cross section of the horses in order to gain a picture of the horses' nutritional health.

Results are quantified. Hence not only will you find out whether your horse has any allergies or deficiencies, but also the concentration of the allergy treatment needed and how much of the deficient vitamins and/or minerals is necessary to restore nutritional balance - a crucial factor.


Multiboost & Calciboost         Having tested over 5000 horses, we have found large numbers of horses with vitamin and mineral deficiencies, even when being fed various supplements. We have taken the information gained and used it to develop our own highly effective supplements. They are specially targeted to restore the balance of vitamins and minerals, and can be tailored to individual requirements.

They differ from general supplements:-

                                                                  Very highly absorbable, so increased effectiveness

                                                                  Top quality human grade vitamins and minerals

                                                                  Natural/Organic so avoiding chemical sprays and fertilisers

                                                                  No buffers or fillers used

                                                                  Very cost effective as only small doses are needed

                                                                  Our testing service found them much more effective than most

                                                                   other supplements which left deficiencies and imbalances.


Allergy Neutralizing Drops    Drops are tailor made for each horse after individual screening and contain a small measured amount of each allergen, working on a vaccine principle. They are given to the horse directly into the mouth and  consistently have been proven to dramatically reduce or completely eradicate symptoms.


Details of each product can be found on seperate pages.


All products are suitable for use under BHA and FEI rules

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