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April 2017


Had a 10 day trip to the US combining business with pleasure. It is always fascinating to compare the differing problems in the two countries. We went to Florida for the International Show at Wellington, which culminated in the $500,000 Grand Prix and then to Camden South Carolina for the Carolina Cup meeting, where once again I saw old friend and client Jonathan Sheppard, multiple Champion racehorse trainer.


May 2017


The rape induced issues are upon us and  so the viral and airway related problems, in particular, have started. It looks like being another bad year with  a cycle of warm and damp weather helping the mould produced on the OSR  plant, to proliferate, due to 'petal stick'.


June 2017


I am getting a lot of very spotty horses at the moment mostly due to feed allergies and one in particular is different. His spots have been caused by spearmint oil in his chop. What is it with this latest fad of the feed companies with chop?

Originally it was simply meant to stop horses from bolting their feed when straight oats were fed, but now it has become almost a complementary feed with a bewildering amount of different and unnecessary ingredients.

I should not complain because at least it keeps me busy!

The Royal International Horse Show Hickstead 25-30 July


The Goodwood Festival Goodwood 1-5 August


The Festival of British Eventing  4-6 August


The  Ebor Festival York  23-26 August


Laudaris Urticaria (2) Rape field riding pic2 (2) Rape field racing pic


July 2017


I had an interesting case earlier in the spring, when I went to see some horses, which could not shake off a dry cough after three months. They had been healthy at those stables for years.

Eventually after a lot of testing and finding nothing, I pinpointed a very strong reaction to the rugs and numnahs which were being washed regularly in a new improved formula washing liquid which was meant to be non bio.

I was far from confident that this could be the cause of the problem, but the owner was more certain because despite using it safely for some years herself on her own washing  had recently developed skin problems. She had not realised the formula had changed.

Ten days later after a change of washing liquid she reported that the horses had stopped coughing and her skin rash had gone too.

So happy horses and client!