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Calciboost Supplement

Calciboost calcium supplementis a unique blend of two different types of Calcium balanced together with two different types of magnesium along with boron and vitamin C, as they are all interrelated for correct calcium absorption.


It has been developed directly as a result of our screening of over 5000 horses where we have found widespread calcium deficiencies, especially in thoroughbreds at both racing yards and studs.


This product is particularly helpful for young growing stock, mares, foals, older horses, and those performance horses, in strong work undergoing extra stress to their systems.




Calcium is not only imperative for correct bone growth and bone density but has a major role in the  function of all muscles including the heart, along with correct nerve conduction, blood clotting and lactation. With 99% of the body's calcium held in the skeleton, when calcium is low and required for muscle function it has to be scavenged from the bones causing weakness, especially in the performance horse.

Magnesium together with Malic Acid also has an important role in the correct function of muscles and is closely involved in energy release.

Boron is a trace mineral which influences the transport of extra-cellular calcium and the release of intra-cellular calcium. Boron also is necessary for the action of Vitamin D, which stimulates the absorption and utilisation of calcium.

Vitamin C helps collagen and calcium ascorbate production thus helping anti-oxidant activity, immune function and cardiovascular maintenance.



Calciboost Allergy Mix    is for horses specifically fighting allergic reactions with a depressed immune system


Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Boron and Vitamin C are the specifically balanced ingredients.


Calciboost contains only pure ingredients, strictly no buffers or fillers.  It is suitable for use under BHA and FEI rules.

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