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From Tim Thomson Jones


Welcome to my blog


I am a chronic asthmatic and allergy sufferer, who is totally allergic to horses!


But I treat them for their allergies much the same way as Dr Choy of the Nightingale Allergy Clinic in London has controlled mine for the past 40 years.


As a result I can happily work with horses and live in a house on a river, the two worst environments for my allergies!

(I promise I do not have a death wish.)


I will share here some of my most fascinating cases with the HTJ Centre Ltd and some of my other experiences with horses.


I hope you will find them interesting, informative and at times entertaining and amusing too!

By thehtjcentre, Jul 22 2017 10:48PM

The Start
The Start

Hi everyone!

The new improved website is now up and running and I will start blogging with interesting and unusual HTJ Centre cases, facts, experiences, details and stories of the horse world, which I hope might be helpful, informative and entertaining very shortly.

Making a healthy difference.

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Flatterer US Champion Steeplechaser

Riding Flatterer,US Triple Champion Steeplechaser, to win the Iroquois, Nashville, Tennessee.