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Allergy Treatment

When treating equine allergies we identify the relevant allergens with our non-invasive screening service, using kinesiology, and crucially determine the exact level of tolerance.


We test a host of different allergens,including, dusts,  pollens, moulds, chemicals and  pollutants, which vary seasonally throughout the year, and which cause a variety of different symptoms including:-


        Coughing, breathing difficulties, head shaking, uveitis, spots, itchy rashes and gut issues such as candidiosis.


Then we make up water based tailor made drops, which contain tiny amounts of each allergen at the correct level.


They are administered easily by a small syringe into the mouth, usually in doses of 0.5ml twice daily.


Working on the vaccine principle this process builds up a tolerance in the system which will result in greatly reduced symptoms or eradication, so long as regular treatment is maintained.


Levels are rechecked from time to time to ensure they  have not varied or new allergens have become relevant and need inclusion.


The allergy neutralizing drops are given invariably alongside our specialised vitamin and mineral supplements, Multiboost or Calciboost Allergy Mixes, as our testing has revealed specific types and levels of deficiency in allergy sufferers.

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